Be educated about the history of each walk, New Zealand native birds, and listen to native birdsong through the app. The Garden Time app from Burpee (<— click and use code: BURPEE5 to get $5 off $25!) 1Weather is about as solid of a weather app as you can get. The interactive vegetable garden planner on this software site has vegetable garden designs that range from raised beds, in-ground rows and square footage garden plots. … Garden Lite is an awesome free app that's great for quick reference. A unique opportunity for hands-on, organic learning from a working permaculture garden. Planters D.I.Y. Serving the Wellington, Kapiti and Horowhenua Districts with the best organic gardening advice. You do not have to research throughout the day on internet to know the plants you are working with. And the magazine has a $500 prize pool of Go Gardening gift cards - one x $250, and five runners up at $50. Use Gardenize gardening app to get full control over YOUR garden! Whether you’re into growing your own fresh vegies & herbs, indoor plants, growing roses, maintaining your lawn or if you like to grow flowers – we have trusted gardening advice to help. MY PLANTS. MySoil Available on Android, iOS, and Amazon Apps, this is one of the best gardening apps one can wish for and use. Whether you consider yourself an expert gardener or just starting out, your smartphone or tablet can come in handy when it comes to maintaining your garden. Cost: $1.49. The app will tell you what you should be … Our Garden Planner helps you design the best layout for your vegetable garden. The app is designed for farmers, so it might not be ideal for a small backyard garden. From hundrends of websites and apps we will present you only the best gardening software and only those apps which will really help you to be a better gardener. The Yates Garden Club is perfect for the first time or experienced home gardener. Feeding time ... ©2020 New Zealand Plant Producers Incorporated. Use the design tools to … New Zealand's largest ... 100 Best Native Plants for New Zealand Gardens (Revised Edition) by Fiona Eadie ~ Paperback / softback (4.4) 5 $40.00. Buy the latest Books online at Mighty Ape NZ today #ChristmasToYourDoor. With them, you can plan your vegetable patch from scratch, identify trees or flowers, find out the PH of your soil and get rid of pesky weeds. 96. Welcome to Gardening Solutionz™ The inspiration behind Gardening Solutionz™ is to make gardening much more accessible and “Make Gardening Easy.” Through our love and passion for plants in New Zealand gardens, we have developed a user friendly and informative method of helping you design and nurture your garden. Garden Manager: Plant Alarm (free; Android) This is a handy piece of tech for the absent-minded gardener. ... Australia, New Zealand, and the U.K. What’s better is that it lets you note down best plant varieties and successes and failures. This guide is designed to help beginner vege gardeners on their way to harvesting a bumper crop of homegrown vegetables in 3 simple steps: Prepare, Plant, Nourish. Price: Free / $1.99. The best gardening apps to help you plan a successful garden this summer. Let’s dig into its main features in the next section. As its name suggests, this app helps you identify and understand the soil type in your garden, its depth & pH, the soil temperature, and, most importantly, its organic matter content. Be in to win garden goodies - you can enter the magazine's Giveaway Competition online. The app automatically creates a task list to notify the user when their next sow or transplant date arrives. The Winners of the 2020 Photo Contest are revealed! Sowing Calendar – Gardening is one of the best free apps you can find in the play store that is dedicated to your gardening. Apps to Help You Plan Your Garden. Best Android Apps for Gardening and Landscaping. pH determines the solubility of soil minerals and their availability to plants. Begin by adding everything you are currently growing in your garden. is the perfect tool to help gardeners know when to sow, transplant and expect to harvest vegetables and herbs specific to their garden region. It includes safety information, a packing list, trail directions, maps, and distances. Many people enjoy gardening. balcony and courtyard garden Even if your outdoor space is limited to a balcony or courtyard, it doesn’t mean you have to miss out on having a garden. Get our app for iPhone, iPad or Android to add your own plants and record your plantings and harvests Planting Reminders Join our 60,000+ gardeners who already use GardenGrow and subscribe to the free GardenGrow planting reminders email newsletter. If the experts cannot identify the plant, they will not charge the $1.00 fee. And actually it is a GREAT way to unplug. Check out Best Selling Gardening Books! It will help you remember all the good ways and the best time for sowing and other essential facts. 1. Offered solutions are various types of pesticides and chemicals used to treat crops in … Best Gardening Apps 11 of our favorite! Everything you need to know about hiking the Great Walks of New Zealand can be found on this app. Into gardens. With the best gardening apps, you will photograph all unknown plants and send them to experts for identification. The app offers details for growing nearly 100 popular garden vegetables, with specific planting information for the U.S., Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa and the U.K. All the information is on your phone so there’s is no need for an internet connection while using the app. Learn more A total of 3,858 photos were submitted in this year's contest and the members all voted for their favorites. You can call your different garden areas what ever you want. From tips to rain to garden organization, the following are five of the best gardening apps on the market today. 1Weather. My Vegetable Garden This app analyses your soil to work out its conditions and then give advice as to which … There are about 750 plant species in the app's database, and you can view photos and … My Soil. In stock - ships Wednesday. Here are six of the best. Design your outdoor living area with iScape (download for iOS). Just one click of smartphone and you can do anything in the world, we have apps for everything so why not the Gardening. MY GARDEN AREAS “The Green house”, “My Favourite Flowerbed” and “The raised bed”. $45.00. With that in mind, here are a selection of the best apps that will enhance everything to do with gardens and gardening, however lazy or active your … Get a testing kit from a garden centre to reveal your soil's pH, or how acid or alkaline it is. Situated in Ohau, Levin, New Zealand. 4-Interactive Vegetable Garden provides an inactive garden that allows you to plant and replant until you get your vegetable garden plans just right. We use smart phones for everything else, so why not bring them into the garden. – There is room for all kind of plants when you gather them in your own plant database. Whether you are a pro, or a newbie, it’s always a ways idea to dabble in nature every now and then. Featuring over 90 edible plants and herbs, this app … Of course, there is now a host of Android and iOS apps that aim to make your life easier. Whether your dream vege patch is bursting with salad greens for summer barbeques, or carrots and leeks for hearty winter soups, nothing beats the satisfaction of ‘growing your own’. OS: iOS and Android. Tomato, rose and apple tree? In this YouTube Video, I go over my favorite gardening app that I just love, & it's a FREE garden app! (Updated January 2020) Now, normally you don't think of gardening as hi-tech. Take a peek at our carefully curated list of the best garden planning apps to find the one that best suits your needs and can take your garden to … By dave on December 6, 2020. The app to help you: Get organised. It’s spring, summer is around the corner and you can’t wait to get outside and put your garden tools to good use. It’ll … Many gardening apps are available for download in app stores but finding a practical one is like finding a needle from the haystack, that’s why we have checked some of the best apps that are free and worthy to download. Even better, most of these gardening apps are intuitive, so you don’t have to spend too much time playing around before you get the hang of them. iScape. Planter app is almost similar to the Garden organizer app mentioned … New Zealand's Great Walks. Planter – Garden Planner. Gardenate. Pocket Garden If you are growing vegetables in your garden, PocketGarden is a necessity.
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